Our Malt

Malt is the story of beer. Is the heart and soul of a good pint. We, the local brewers and distillers who use Admiral malt, can tell a deeper story of regional beer character, terroir, the farmers who grow our barley, the traditional art of floor malting and freshly kilned malt. We contract family farms in the Sacramento Valley and in Tule Lake, California, to grow no-till or organic barley for our floor-malt. Floor malting is a disappearing art, revered by brewers around the globe. We gently turn our malt on the germination floor by hand. It creates flavor components no other method can replicate. Fresh malt from our kiln tastes unlike malt produced by larger, industrial malting facilities. We ship our malt fresh, a freshness you can taste. We hope that Admiral malt becomes part of your beers’ story!

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