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The greatest story ever told, must be told to be the greatest story. We make it an easy story to tell! From Graphics and photos to tin tackers and staff training, we are here to help you.


Let Us Help you Engage Your Customers!

Tell a compelling story about your farmer, maltster, brewer connection. You use one of a kind California, sustainably grown, floor-malted, and freshly kilned grains.  This distinguishes your brewery from just about every other brewery in California. Engage your customers about it.

Label your Menu Board and Printed Menus With Our "Brewed With" or "Distilled With Icons."

Place our “Brewed With” or “Distilled With” icons next to the beer or spirit name using Admiral Malt. Customers will ask, “What does that mean?” It becomes the perfect time to engage. The customer learns and tells his friends about it.  More engagement, more word of mouth, means more sales.

Using the form below, request us to send you “Brewed With” or “Distilled With” stickers for your menu board or other marketing. Put these stickers on a magnet or put a bit of velcro on the back to put on your tasting room menu.  Or use the file to create your own stencil and “paint” it on your menu board. Include  the “brewed with” or ” distilled with” icons on every can or bottle label . The graphic says it all.

You can find hi-res version of these graphics via the BRAND ASSETS link below or you can request stickers using the email form at the bottom of this web page.

Request an Admiral Tin Tacker for Your Tasting Room

Let us know and we will send you a tin tacker to hang on your taproom, brewery, or distillery wall.

Use the email form at the bottom of this web page to request Admiral Maltings stickers and malting posters.

Train your team with simple, concise information, to engage your customers

We want your servers, bartenders, sales, social media, and marketing folks to be well informed about where our barley comes from, how malting transforms barley into water soluble sugars and enzymes, and why floor malting creates the best flavors in your products.

This will more than prepare your staff to give that extra customer engagement.

Check out our one sheet summaries!

We Will Train Your Staff at our Malt House or Your Brewery or Distillery.

We will train your staff at your distillery, brewery, or here at Admiral Maltings on how to best convey your farmer, maltster, brewer/distiller connection to your customer.  We can help your staff engage the customer with knowledge and excitement to sell more beer and whiskey!

What Is Malting? Online Lesson and Facility Tour!

Can’t make it for an in-person tour? Want your staff trained on the malting process? We’ve got you covered!

Check out our two part video on YouTube shot by Dylan Cusack (aka Hop Killer).

Take Advantage of our Brand Assets!

Use our Brand Assets to tell the story with graphics and images in your taproom, on social media, when your sales team makes calls, and whenever marketing.

Learn Where We Source Our Grain

We are proud to work with small family farms throughout California and your staff and customers should know that when they buy your product they support sustainable farming in their communities.

Check out this video with our co-founder, Ron Silberstein, and share it with your team!

Request Marketing Material To Show Your Customers You Support Craft Malt!

Use the email form at the bottom of this web page to do the following…

– Request Menu Board “Brewed With” or “Distilled With” Stickers
– Request a Tin Tacker
– Set-up training with your staff and sales people

Request Form

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