SF Beer Week 2019
Event Guide

And now, an important public service announcement: The time has come for you to stop and take a moment to plan out your SF Beer Week, the epic celebration of Bay Area beer culture that is hurtling toward us with comet-like velocity. For us at Admiral, this 11th SF Beer Week picks up right where we left off last year, with another dizzying and humbling array of Beer Week collaborations made with our malt and an even bigger slate of events designed to showcase malt’s foundational role in beer. If you make even half of these events the foundation of your Beer Week, you, too, will come away with a deep appreciation for malt as the soul of beer and the way the return to brewing with local grains makes our craft beer culture even better. It’s truly the next chapter in the good beer movement of the past four decades.


SFBW Opening Gala

6:00 - 10:30pm @ Pier 35

Where else to start but the beginning? The Beer Week marathon begins every year with the Opening Gala, this year at Pier 35 on the San Francisco waterfront. You’ll be among the first try all five SF Beer Week regional collaboration beers (on tap at the Bay Area Brewers Guild booth), each brewed with Admiral Malt. You’ll find other Admiral-based beers throughout the festival but if you come see us at the Admiral booth, you’ll also get to try the debut of our first Admiral Malting and Brewing beer, a strong mild brewed with our Gallagher’s Best, Pacific Victor and Kilnsmith III in collaboration with Thirsty Bear Brewing Co. Wait, what? That’s right, we’re brewing now, too!

2/01 - 2/10

SFBW Regional Collab Beers

All Brewed with Admiral Malt

If you missed them at the Gala or loved them so much you want more, look no further than The Rake, where we’ll have all five regional collaboration beers on tap all week (while supplies last). Come taste what the brewers of the San Francisco, East Bay, North Bay, Silicon Valley and Coast chapters of the newly-expanded Bay Area Brewers Guild cooked up with our malt for Beer Week.

2/02 - 2/10

Admiral Showcase Events

Featuring Beers Brewed with Admiral Malts

We’re thrilled to get out of the malthouse and on the road around the Bay during Beer Week with a series of Admiral Maltings beer showcases. With Admiral reps on hand to talk malt and hand-picked selections of beers made with our malt, these events are a great way to support your local pubs and taprooms as well as the brewers who have made the choice to brew with our California malt. Come by, try some of these special beers, corner us and let us talk your ear off about everything we love about making malt and the brewers who use it.

2/04 - 2/07

Meet the Malt Series @ The Rake

@ The Rake

Meanwhile back at The Rake, we’ll introduce you to our four base malts in the best possible way: by encouraging you to taste carefully curated selections of beers made with those malts, each featured on a different day during Beer Week. All Meet the Malt beers can be ordered by the 3oz pour and you can try them all or customize flights to your heart’s content. Meet the Malt each day from 3pm to close.


Beer is Agriculture: A Grain to Glass Tour, Tasting and Discussion

@ Admiral & Almanac - 1:30pm

We don’t know of any other commercial malthouse and brewery that share a building like we do with our good friend and neighbor, Almanac Beer Co. That makes this event, that begins with a tour of the malthouse, continues next door for a tour of their brewery, and concludes with a panel discussion about the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and brewing truly unique. We bring it all full circle by including a cheese tasting from a local dairy that uses Almanac’s spent grain as feed for their herd. Panelists include:

  • Andrew Rose - Yeast of Eden - Head Brewer
  • Andrew Schwartz - Modern Times - Commissioner of Flavor
  • Blake Crosby - Crosby Hops - CEO
  • Bryce Loewen - Blossom Bluff Orchards - Owner
  • Charlie Van Meter - Allegory - Head Brewer & Co-Founder
  • Curtis Davenport - Admiral Maltings – Co-Founder & Head Maltster
  • Dave McLean - Admiral Maltings - Co-Founder
  • Fritz Durst - Fritz Durst Farming - Grain Farmer
  • Jan Chodakowski - Our Mutual Friend - Head Brewer
  • John Gilbert - Adam’s Grain - Field Department Manager
  • Lynn Gallagher - UC Davis - Barley Breeder
  • Phil Emerson - Almanac Beer Co. - Brewmaster
  • Ron Silberstein - Admiral Maltings - Co-Founder
  • Winslow Sawyer - Pure Project - Head Brewer & Partner

Tours and tour beers are $20. The panel discussion with flight and cheese pairing is an additional $15. Make an afternoon of it. Get your tickets now.

As if this isn’t enough, there is indeed more to come. Black Sands Brewery in SF is doing a SMaSH Fest, with beers made with two of our malts on the list. Our own Mal King will be on the panel of Beer Talk, From Women: A panel discussion and party at Temescal Brewing’s Jack London Square Outpost on 2/6 while that same day, Ron and Dave will be at the venerable Triple Rock Brewery for the release of their Admirable Pale Ale, ready to answer all questions about malt while sampling two different versions of this beer. Then on 2/7, Alembic Bar in San Francisco is throwing a family style beer dinner/feast featuring beers brewed with our malt.

More info at sfbeerweek.org/profiles/admiralmaltings