Kilnsmith III


Imparts a rich, ruby brown color with notes of grape nuts, toffee and brown sugar.

Applications & Description

Our one-of-a-kind kiln produces Caramel malts that undergo a combination of caramelization and complex Maillard reactions. This produces a deep color as well as a robust aroma and flavor with more fermentable extract and less residual sweetness than Caramel and Crystal malts of comparable color produced in a drum roaster. All of Admiral’s malts are produced from grain grown sustainably by California family farms. The Metcalfe barley used in this batch of Kilnsmith III was grown using organic farming practices by Bob Schaupp in his fields near Esparto, CA.


Recent Releases

For specific batch information and detailed analysis, download the batch COA below.

Batch # Harvested Kilned
19-034 June 1, 2017 April 9, 2019

Sample Analysis



Extract (FGDB)


Color (SRM)

45-55 SRM